AESTHETICS at bailey dermatology

At Bailey Dermatology, we strive to offer a variety of tested, proven treatments to combat photoaging.


We carry hand selected members of the EltaMD product line, a line of high potency sunscreens primarily utilizing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.  While any sunscreen can work as part of a sun protection strategy, consider these if you have had difficulty finding a sunscreen that will rub in easily, have little smell, and can be used without issues on children.  Some are also tinted to work well on the face.


After sun protection with clothing and sunscreen, the next most powerful cost effective treatment for your skin is tretinoin.  Tretinoin is a cream derived from Vitamin A, originally developed and still used extensively for acne, that can have profound effect on the skin over time.  It works gradually to keep skin smoother and normalize pigment production.


If you have had problems with persistent dark spots on the face after pregnancy or around menopause this is the treatment for you. It is a potent combination of hydroquinone for lightening, tretinoin for texture and photoaging prevention, and a mild topical steroid to decrease irritation. We offer this brand name medication at a very competitive price.

Laser Spider Vein Treatment with Gentle YAG Pro

Many patients have asked about treatment for persistent thin vessels on the lower legs around the knees and ankles.  These come about due to pressure on tiny valves deep in the leg that can partly fail allowing the skin vessels to enlarge.  An easy way to treat these thin vessels is with laser.  The energy heats the vessels rapidly causing them to spasm closed.

Acne Scarring and Skin Texture Treatment with ELOS Plus Sublative

Sublative takes advantage of the technique of fractionation to deliver numerous tiny energetic pulses to the skin causing collagen formation and remodeling of scars and fine lines.  This device can achieve results in as little as one or two treatments.  Downtime is minimized compared to laser based devices, with faster recovery and less pain.


Sunspot and Rosacea treatment with ELOS Plus Skin Rejuvenation

Intense pulsed light treatments have long been a standard treatment for unwanted “reds and browns” on the skin from sun damage. The ELOS Plus device combines the light energy with radio frequency heating to maximize effect and increase safety.

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